Renovations Being at CanadaBW Logistics Inc.

It has begun.

As of November 1st, we have begun the renovations on our new facility in Niagara Falls to ensure that the aesthetics of the site equal the quality of the business we will be running.

The property is located at 8699 Stanley Avenue in Niagara Falls, Canada.  The property is over 20 acres, about 81000 square metres, and has a large warehouse and office complex.  The property was originally developed by Oneida Canada in 1974 with minor additions through their use of the building.  Since 2004, the property has been used mainly for storage.CanadaBW overhead view

CanadaBW Logistics first goal is to work with Canadian and Chinese business to build a bridge to encourage exports and open the market in both countries as well as the United States.  We will expand this goal to other countries as opportunities arise and we can support the expansion of our focus.  CanadaBW Logistics will accomplish this goal through the Niagara Region’s designation as a Foreign Trade Zone and our understanding of Free Trade Zone policies in other countries.

We understand that first impressions are very important to potential clients and partner companies.  The attention to detail a warehouse company displays on how they present themselves often indicates how they will treat the goods trusted to their possession.

The ware house has a large paved parking area with a tree lined path to our main entrance.  Due to the time of year, we are limited to what landscaping that can be accomplished.  Our staff are working on cleaning up the existing gardens and preparing them for spring next year.  We are always impress when we visit China on how much care is taken to the look of their office space.  CanadaBW Logistics has learned from their example and will greet our guests with a beautiful walk into our building.

CanadaBW Logistics had engineers and contractors inspect the building before we bought the building and found that the structure was in very good shape.  Most of our renovations revolve around clean up and updating the décor to reflect a modern work environment.  At the entrance to the building is a large showroom that Oneida Canada used as an outlet store.  Our intention for this space is a flexible showroom space that can be used for trade shows, demonstrations and promotion of goods for our clients or the communities they are from.  A common feature in other countries is to have product centres which feature products from a specific region or Country.  In the Beijing Free Trade Zone, there is a showroom that is dedicated to products from Germany.  CanadaBW Logistics wants to use our space to promote international products to potential retail partners in Canada and the United States.  Conversely, we intend to host trade missions from other countries to see displays of Canadian products that are ready for export.  The Niagara Region has a strong manufacturing and business community.  We believe our efforts will help these companies get more recognition to export markets.

Another unique feature of our office space is what we call our Welcome Centre.  This room has its own private entrance and is also connected to both the office spaces and the warehouse.  As the name of the room implies, this space will be developed into a casual meeting space that can host receptions, seminars or other business functions.  The room will be equipped with audio/video focus points as well as a wall section that will be designed for taking group photos.  The furniture will be adaptable to casual seating and tables for a reception to more formal seating for a seminar or presentation.





Much of the office space for the building surrounds an open concept area with hall access to the other parts of the building.  As a full-service warehouse, CanadaBW Logistics plans to have flexible work space for visiting clients who do not have permanent offices in the Niagara Region as well as for local companies who do not have access to sufficient space to host meetings with clients.  The open concept area will contain island groupings of cubicles which will house our support staff.  These individuals will be part of the running of the warehouse as well as offering clerical and reception services to our clients who may be renting office space.

The outer offices will be available for rent by the day, week or longer periods of time.  Many exporters do not need permanent office space in all the regions they do business in.  Having secured office space available at the facility they are storing goods offers them a professional atmosphere to do business while in the Niagara Region.

CanadaBW Logistics will also offer access to a board room that can be scheduled for larger meetings and presentations.

Our security protocols use key cards and cameras which allows for clients to access the space they are renting while keeping the security of our other spaces.  Our goal is to create a safe and productive working environment for both our staff and the clients that use our services.

CanadaBW Logistics is in Niagara Falls, Canada.  Being a border community with the United States, our company is an ideal launch point for e-commerce activities.  Many companies are looking for an opportunity to go direct to customers without investing in physical locations.  Companies also realize that it is important to have stock close to market for speed of service, competitive shipping rates and consumer confidence.  CanadaBW has the space and understanding to both store your inventory and make sure you get competitive package rates to compete in the e-commerce market.





Finally, CanadaBW Logistics is modifying our warehouse space to best serve our clients.  We offer heated warehousing that is both monitored for fire and security.  We have racked storage to better protect your goods from compression and will also offer Custom Bonded Warehouse space.

It is an exciting time for CanadaBW Logistics as we see our vision for the business become a reality.  We look forward giving you a tour when you visit our facilities soon.  We are confident that CanadaBW Logistics is a partner that will help your company succeed in the Niagara Region and beyond.