Strategically located customs bonded warehouse.

Canada Bw is located in the Niagara Free Trade Zone, a prime area of Canada that combines infrastructure, existing manufacturing clusters and proximity to import/export ports of entry for both Canada and the United States.

Secure and Heated

Regulated by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), our warehouse follows strict security procedures.

Real-Time Inventory

Real-time, cloud-based inventory control systems that allows you access to the information regarding your inventory no matter what time zone you are working in.

Strategic Location

Our central location in North America is within 10 hours of 40% of the population.

Custom Bonded Warehouse Program

One of the Free Trade programs that can be implemented at CanadaBW is the Custom Bonded Warehousing Program. This program allows companies to ship goods to Canada and land in bond which either defers or eliminates most duties and tariffs. Deferrals can be up to 4 years and leave the bonded area for entry into the Canadian or American market.

This program, along with the other Free Trade programs available under the act, allow companies to better regulate cash flow and reduce the cost of staging merchandise closer to new markets.

For a better understanding of bonded warehousing in Canada and the potential value the tools under this program can have for your company, contact CanadaBW Logistics and we will be happy to work through the benefits.

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